28. November 2017

Ironman of the metal industry

FJ Industries offers their apprentices the opportunity to master all disciplines in a highly professional working environment filled with real ironmen. However, for apprentice Martin Borgsted, he is not only an ironman in the workshop – he is an ironman around the clock.

The alarm clock rings at 4 am on Monday morning and Martin Borgsted jumps out of bed to begin the morning’s ironman training. After training, he gets into the workshop at 6 am and is ready to begin the day’s work. At 3 pm work is finished and Martin Borgsted goes home and continues the tough training.

“I like to use both my head and hands, but the rest of the body must of course also be kept in shape. Therefore, I train triathlon about 25 hours a week,” says Martin Borgsted, who is in an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at FJ Industries.

His duties at the metal factory are just as diverse as his ironman training, and he is never bored when he designs and makes vital machine parts in Ferritslev.

Martin Borgsted

“At many other workshops, the apprentices are placed in the maintenance department, service department and assembly department, but at FJ Industries you get an overall understanding of the work. I get to work with everything, so I’m involved all the way from the idea to the finished product, and it’s very satisfying to see what my efforts result in,” says Martin Borgsted and continues:

“One of the best things is that I get to work with great precision, go into the details and be thorough, because I love going into depth with what I do. It’s a big responsibility to produce something that will be used in their company’s production, so we have to be extremely careful and focused that everything is correct every time.”

It is now two years since Martin Borgsted started his apprenticeship and he is pleased to have ended up at FJ Industries.

“It’s been huge value to me as an apprentice to have some skilled and competent journeymen that I can learn from. I get both the chance to learn and make mistakes, and I’m not pressured to perform beyond my abilities. I’m allowed to be an apprentice and it creates a great learning environment. I’m also appreciated here in the workshop and my colleagues are very good at giving support and offering advice in the work I do,” says Martin Borgsted and concludes:

“Here I get a very strong profile as a toolmaker and I hope to continue at FJ Industries when I’m fully-trained.”